Sangerinde bag 80’er-hit er død

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Denise LaSalle er død
Denise LaSalle er død. Hun blev 78 år. I Danmark havde hun i 1985 et hit med sangen "My toot toot". Foto: Craig Lovell/Scanpix (Arkivfoto)

I Danmark havde hun et enkelt hit i midten af 1980'erne. Mandag døde hun.

Sangerinden Denise LaSalle er død. Hun blev 78 år, skriver Billboard.

Hun døde mandag den 8. januar.

Sangerinden led af problemer med hjertet og hun fik amputeret sit højre ben efter et fald for nogle måneder siden, der endte ud i komplikationer.

Præsident er pludselig død

Ét hit i Danmark

Denise LaSalle fik i Danmark et enkelt hit. Det var tilbage i 1985 med sangen “My toot toot“.

I USA havde Denise LaSalle en række hits i 1970’erne og i starten af 1980’erne.

I 1971 nåede sangen “Trapped By A Thing Called Love” førstepladsen på USA R&B chart.

Denise LaSalles oprindelig navn var Ora Denise Allen. Men hun var også kendt under navne som Denise Craig og Denise Jones.


1967 Love Reputation
1971 Craving for You
1972 Trapped By A Thing Called Love
1972 Doin’ it Right
1973 On The Loose
1975 Here I Am Again
1976 Second Breath
1977 The Bitch Is Bad!
1978 Under The Influence
1978 Shot Of Love
1979 Unwrapped
1980 I’m So Hot
1981 Guaranteed
1983 A Lady In The Street
1984 Right Place Right Time
1985 Love Talkin’
1985 My Toot Toot
1986 Rain And Fire
1987 It’s Lying Time Again
1989 Hittin´ Where It Hurts
1989 Holdin’ Hands With The Blues
1990 Still Trapped
1992 Love Me Right
1994 I’m Here Again … Plus
1995 Still Bad
1997 Smokin’ In Bed
1999 God’s Got My Back
2000 This Real Woman
2001 I Get What I Want – The Best Of
2001 There’s No Separation
2002 Still The Queen
2003 My Toot Toot: Definitive Anthology
2004 Wanted
2007 Pay Before You Pump
2010 24 Hour Woman

Klublegende er pludseligt død: Fodboldverdenen er i sorg


1967 “Love Reputation” / “One Little Thing”
1970 “Trying To Forget” / “We’ve Got Love”
1971 “Trapped By A Thing Called Love” / “Keep It Coming”
1972 “Now Run And Tell That” / “The Deeper I Go, The Better It Gets”
1972 “Man Sized Job” / “I’m Over You”*
1972 “Heartbreaker Of The Year” / “Hung Up Strung Out”
1972 “Too Late To Check Your Trap” / “Heartbreaker Of The Year”
1972 “Right Track” / “Too Late To Check Your Trap”
1973 “What It Takes To Get A Good Woman” / “Make a Good Thing Better”
1973 “Your Man And Your Best Friend / “What Am I Doing Wrong”
1974 “Don’t Nobody Live Here (By The Name Of Fool)” / “Good Goody Getter”
1974 “Get Up Off My Mind” / “Best Thing I Ever Had”
1975 “My Brand On You” / “Any Time Is The Right Time”
1975 “Here I Am Again” / “Hung Up Strung Out”
1975 “Count Down” / “A Promise Is A Promise (And Fly Me To The Moon)”
1976 “Married But Not To Each Other” / “Who’s The Fool”
1976 “Hellfire Loving” / “Versions”
1977 “Freedom To Express Yourself” / “Second Breath”
1977 “Love Me Right” / “Fool Me Good”
1978 “One Life To Live” / “Before You Take It To The Streets”
1978 “Workin’ Overtime” / “No Matter What They Say”
1979 “P.A.R.T.Y. (Where Is It?)” / “Under The Influence”
1979 “Think About It” / “Versions”
1980 “Try My Love” / “May The Funk B With You”
1980 “I’m So Hot” / “Versions”
1981 “I’m Trippin’ On You” / “I’ll Get Some Help (& Satisfaction)”
1983 “Down Home Blues” / “X-Rated Versions”
1983 “Lady In The Street” / “I Was Not The Best Woman”
1983 “Lay Me Down” / “I Was Telling Him About You”
1983 “Come To Bed” / “Keeps Me Running Back”
1983 “Come To Bed” / “I Was Not The Best Woman”
1984 “Right Place Right Time” / “Come To Bed”
1984 “Right Place Right Time” / “Bump And Grind”
1984 “Treat Your Man Like A Baby” / “Come To Bed”
1984 “He’s Not Available” / “Right Place Right Time”
1985 “My Toot Toot” / “Give Me Yo’ Most Strongest Whisky”
1985 “Santa Claus Got The Blues” / “Love Is A Five Letter Word”
1986 “Let The Four Winds Blow” / “Sometimes” / “Right Time, Right Place”
1986 “What’s Going On In My House” / “Learnin’ How To Cheat On You”
1989 “Bring It On Home To Me” / “Write This One Off”
1989 “I Forgot To Remember” / “Caught In Your Own Mess”
1989 “Don’t Cry No More” / “Eee Tee”
1990 “Drop That Zero” / “Trapped 1990”
1992 “Don’t Pick It Up” / “Don’t Jump My Pony”
1992 “When We’re Making Love” / “Don’t Pick It Up”
1992 “Don’t Jump My Pony” / “Juke Box Strip”
1992 “Fool Me Good” / “Love Me Right”
1995 “Right Side Of The Wrong Bed”
1995 “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”
2001 “There’s No Separation”
2002 “24 Hours”


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